Bdsm Tantra sofa

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The curvature of the chair makes it perfect for numerous Yoga-level Kama Sutra positions, which You thought You will never be able to get in! It is a salvation for people who got tired of lovemaking on regular flat surfaces. Tantric sex sofa allows for perfect access from different unique angles, thus deeper and more intense pleasures. As the chair is quite long – several people can fit on/around it in different poses, making it a perfect item for group plays.


Buy BDSM Tantra sofa Online

Buy BDSM Tantra sofa Online

Impress your partners with this luxurious exceptional design of our tantric bed! The curves of this sex chair allow to indulge in bodily pleasure in numerous positions. The metal frame can be used for restraining Your partner(s) to the chair in a variety of ways – let your imagination get loose.

Buy BDSM Tantra sofa Online, a masterpiece, created in dark dungeons by skillful kinky designers. At first glance this sex chair might look as a modern living room sofa. Nevertheless, behind its wavy forms it hides a sea of opportunities. Its curvy contemporary design will fit seamlessly in both Your living room as well as a dungeon, as it looks like a modern erotic chaise longue.

You can also restrain Your partner(s) to the chair in any positions that You like. This elegant sex chair is also perfect for the moments, when the Top just wants to sit down and calmly observe the partner restrained to a cross or a spanking bench, or suspended in ropes. As well as a resting place for the bottom after intense play. Elegant and sexy, dungeon or living room, this tantra sex sofa opens doors for new opportunities and new experiences for everyone.

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